So last week I highlighted this:

Tommy Tuberville, the Republican Senate nominee in Alabama, said on Tuesday that the recently expired $600 coronavirus unemployment “was way too much” during an interview on “Alabama's Morning News with JT.”

Tuberville, who recently won the Republican primary and is challenging incumbent Democratic Sen. Doug Jones, claimed Alabamians are not working because “they're making more settin' around” and said he didn't want unemployed workers to “get used to all this.”

Millions of Americans are currently unemployed as a result of lockdowns occurring due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed over 157,000 U.S. citizens so far.

Kudos to Kyle Whitmire at for his op-ed piece calling out this hypocritical asshole:

When Tuberville left his job as Auburn’s football coach, he quit. Sure, there were lots of fans and boosters who wanted him gone after his team got its teeth kicked in by Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. But Tuberville quit. He wasn’t fired. He certainly wasn’t laid off. He had a contract.

And even though his contract wasn’t done when he quit, Auburn paid him more than $5 million — to not work.

On top of that, Tuberville got another job with Auburn University, as a special assistant to the university president — a job where, according to sworn depositions he’s given, he had no office and doesn’t seem to have done much. When sports reporter Charles Goldberg asked Tuberville about it six months in, Tuberville said he chatted occasionally with the university president, Jay Gogue.

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Doug Jones (D. AL) has a grasp on the reality of the situation and is fighting for the people:

Democratic U.S. Senator Doug Jones continued his push for a re-start of $600 per week in jobless benefits within a new coronavirus relief package on Thursday, and was joined by an University of Alabama economist who suggested up to $1 trillion per month was needed for the economy to survive.

Jones was joined by Sam Addy, a senior research economist from the Culverhouse College of Business at UA, during a Facebook video news conference in which the two both urged support of adding the $600 in unemployment benefits. Congressional Democrats have generally been supportive of adding the $600 back into federal legislation to support the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously, there are people pushing for a much lower amount,” said Jones, referring to Republicans in Congress who support a lower amount ranging from $200 to $500 per week. Jones’ Senate Republican opponent in November, Tommy Tuberville, said that $600 was “way too much” to support earlier this week.

“These people are, by and large, unemployed because of no fault of their own,” Jones said. “That extra money is being put back into the economy.”

Lets give Doug Jones a hand because he has a tough fight ahead of him. Click below to donate and get involved with Jones and Biden’s campaigns:

Doug Jones

Joe Biden

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