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AL-Sen: Sherrod Brown (D. OH) & Jeff Merkley (D. OR) Go All In To Help Doug Jones (D) Win 2020

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Received two e-mails in support of U.S. Senator Doug Jones’ (D. AL) re-election campaign from two of my favorite Democratic Senators. The first one is from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH):

Sen. Doug Jones (D. AL)

I need you to chip in $5 or more right now to help my colleague, Senator Doug Jones.

Why? Moments ago, Doug had an opponent jump in the race against him.

The cast of characters who propped up Doug’s opponent last time aren't going anywhere this time around. National Republicans and special interest groups have probably been engineering a challenge against him for months. They will be desperate for a victory now — and they’ll channel that desperation into funding attacks against Doug.

If Doug’s victory in 2017 showed us anything, it's that with dedicated grassroots support, we can do anything — even turn Alabama blue.

Rush a contribution to Doug's campaign.

With gratitude,


The second from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR):


Take a step back in time. The year's 2017. Democrats shock the nation and win a Senate seat in ruby red Alabama.

Our hard work put Doug Jones over the top.

Now, however, all that could be undone. Just a few minutes ago, a majorchallenger just announced: Republican Bradley Byrne, a member of Congress.

This is all hands on deck. Please chip in $3 and let's show Doug we've got his back.

Doug Jones is a relentless fighter for justice. He is a former U.S. Attorney who won convictions against KKK members for bombing and killing four young African-American girls in an Alabama Baptist church. In the Senate, he has been a voice for affordable health care, for a clean and healthy environment, for equal rights for all Americans, and for living-wage jobs here in America.

Donald Trump and the far right are counting on Byrne to defeat Doug and keep Democrats from taking back the Senate. We can't let that happen.

Let's show Doug Jones we've got his back: please chip in $3 right now.

For our children and future, this is a race we must win.



Click any of the links above to donate to Jones’ re-election campaign.

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