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AL-Sen: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D. OH) Refuses To Let Trump Take Down Sen. Doug Jones (D)

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Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH) in support of U.S. Senator Doug Jones’ (D. AL) re-election campaign:

Sen. Doug Jones (D. AL)

My colleague, Alabama Senator Doug Jones, is running for re-election in one of the most competitive races in the Senate.

Doug is considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats and special-interest groups are intensely targeting his race.

We need to do everything in our power to protect Doug’s seat. Will you split a contribution between my campaign and Doug’s, so we can defend his seat and flip the Senate?

Doug is exactly the kind of leader we need in the Senate.

More than once, Doug has bravely done the right thing for the country despite the personal and political risks it might cause him. He’s protected access to health care for millions of Americans, and he’s a longtime civil rights champion.

We can’t afford to lose Doug’s leadership in the Senate. Chip in right now to help send him back to the Senate.

Honestly, the Senate is all but broken.

If we’re going to change the way things are done, then we need to take back the Majority. And if we’re going to take back the Majority, then we need to defend each and every Democratic seat.

That starts with Doug. Will you split a contribution between my campaign and Doug’s, so we can defend his seat against the onslaught of special-interest money pouring into his race?

With gratitude,


Click here to donate to Jones’ re-election campaign.

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