AL-Sen: Sen. Martin Heinrich (D. NM) Refuses To Let The GOP Take Sen. Doug Jones (D)


Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D. NM) in support of his colleague, U.S. Senator Doug Jones’ (D. AL) re-election campaign:


My friend and colleague, Doug Jones, is facing the toughest reelection of any Democrat in the Senate. You may remember that Doug Jones won an unexpected victory in 2017 in Alabama — a state that Trump won by 28 points.

And already, Republicans are line up to try and defeat him.

With his race already in full swing, we need grassroots supporters like you to help Doug gain momentum. Can I count on you?

Since his election, Doug has helped extend access to healthcare for children and has acted as an independent voice for his constituents.

Make a contribution to help Doug win in Alabama →

Not only do I need Doug’s help to fight for our shared values, but it will be nearly impossible to win back the Senate if we lose Doug’s seat.

GOP super PACs are already committing to spend big to defeat Doug, which is why I need grassroots supporters like you to help me match their investment.

Chip in here to help Democrats take back the Senate:



Click here to donate to Jones’ campaign.