Al Franken: GOP announced they are 'CRAZY'. They're not only dangerous but kinda stupid!

Al Franken has a way with words as he seems to channel his past SNL humor through his senatorial pedigree. Unfortunately, he is spot on as usual.

Al Franken speaks

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Recently the Republican National Committee claimed that the January 6th attempted coup on the United States was “legitimate political discourse.” Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would have none of it. The host asked Former Senator Al Franken for his thoughts on the GOP mixup.

“Well, if I were him, I would have been PO'd,” Al Franken said. “But the Republican National Committee, I mean, they basically just announced that they're kind of crazy. I mean, no one can look at that and go; that was legitimate political discourse gouging out the eyes of police, which Capitol police say did the police lost their fingers at dramatic brain damage. They broke the vertebrates, the people who went in there smeared feces on the walls. The American people saw that this I believe the Republican National Committee voted that unanimously. I think they're showing what the Republican Party is now, which is in the thrall of Donald Trump. That may be the vast majority of the Republican Party, but I think independents and Democrats obviously are looking at that and going like it's very dangerous. It's very, very dangerous.”

The host asked Franken if he thinks there was some calculus to the GOP 'madness.'

“I don't think there is some calculus there,” Franken interjected. “No, I mean, I think that's their problem. I don't think there was any calculus there. I think that they're not only dangerous, but they're kind of stupid.”

One hopes Democrats will start every ad with the statement, “The Republican Party asking for your vote wants to overthrow your country with violence that they call legitimate political discourse. Democrats want to give you family leave, child tax credits, great healthcare, low drug prices, pay-it-forward student loan adjustments, and much more as those who built their wealth on your backs, on paying you less than you deserve, begin to pay their fair share in taxes.”

Democrats need to start leaning in. They must put Republicans on the defensive.

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  • February 16, 2022