AK-Sen: New Poll Continues To Show A Toss Up Race Between Al Gross (I) & Dan Sullivan (R)

Here’s the latest news today out of Alaska courtesy of Gravis Marketing polling:


Here are the full results:

Alaska (October 28, 2020) by Doug Kaplan

7% still undecided and only 45% have voted where as 48% haven’t voted yet and the poll has 3.5% MOE. Gross is making it a toss up and can win it. It’s also very clear that both Republicans and Democrats see this race as a toss up:

Money is pouring into Alaska’s Senate contest, where polls are showing a surprisingly close race between Democratic-backed candidate Al Gross and incumbent Sen. Dan Sullivan (R).

Democrats have increasingly looked at the state as a potential pick-up opportunity with the prospects of a blue wave in the upper chamber growing more likely. And as the party’s optimism has grown, so has the amount of money spent on the race.

Outside groups supporting both Sullivan and Gross have funneled millions of dollars into the contest. The Lincoln Project, a prominent anti-Trump group, has spent more than $4 million there, while the Senate Leadership Fund, a GOP group, has poured $6 million into the race, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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