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AK-Sen: Indivisible Adds Sen. Dan Sullivan (R) To Their Payback Project Target List

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Received this e-mail from the progressive organization, Indivisible:

We’ve got some BIG Payback Project news: we’re adding Senator Dan Sullivan, Alaska’s other Trump-sympathizing senator, to our list of targets for 2020. While Alaskans will have to put up with Senator Lisa Murkowski for another two years, we have a chance to rid the Senate of one of Trump’s biggest enablers this year!

In case you haven’t plugged in yet to the Payback Project — this is our plan to make sure Republican senators are held accountable for their actions, their votes, and their enabling of Donald Trump. Even if we win the presidency, everything we want to accomplish is dead on arrival without a Democratic Senate — climate action, health care expansion, immigration reform — all of it. That’s why we started the Payback Project — to take back the Senate and our democracy. Plug in now by clicking here, and keep reading for why we added Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska to our list of targets.

There’s rising grassroots energy in Alaska to defeat Sullivan, and now the race is getting competitive. We’re adding Alaska to the Payback Project because we have to take every chance we’re given to defeat Trump and save our democracy. And now Alaska Indivisibles are joining other Payback groups across the country in the effort to ensure our Senate isn’t under Mitch McConnell’s control in 2021.

Sullivan has been in office for only one term, and yet he’s used the majority of that time rubber-stamping the policies of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, instead of listening to his constituents. He’s voted with Trump’s agenda over 90% of the time — despite the fact that most of his votes hurt Alaskans.

Sullivan has failed Alaskans on health care — he’s repeatedly voted to weaken the Affordable Care Act while Alaskans pay more than double the national average for health care costs. Sullivan has voted to confirm Trump officials who deny the science of climate change — decisions that will negatively impact the lives and livelihoods of Alaskans for generations to come. And most recently, Sullivan stood by Trump as he threatened to block an emergency loan to the US Postal Service unless the agency increased its shipping rates by 400%. This move would disproportionately impact rural Alaskans who rely solely on USPS to pick up and deliver the mail, and many of whom receive checks, benefits, and lifesaving prescriptions through USPS.

To put it simply, Dan Sullivan doesn’t care about Alaskans — he only cares about appeasing Trump and McConnell.

Sullivan joins a group of 11 other vulnerable Republican senators: the worst of the worst. They’ve covered up Trump's crimes, excused his corruption, and looked the other way as he abused taxpayer dollars for his own personal gain. These officials have abandoned their constituents while COVID-19 continues to kill thousands every day. They’ve lost the public’s trust — and now we’re going to make sure they lose public office.

With less than 60 days until the election, we need support from people in every state to win this monumental fight. Here's what you can do:

The balance of the Senate is going to be decided with elections like this one, fueled by grassroots volunteers talking to voters about getting the real representation they deserve. Join the fight — together we’ve got this.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

Click here to join a local Indivisible group.

Click here to sign up to text voters.

Click here to donate to the Payback Project.

Also, Dr. Al Gross (I. AK) has a new add slamming Sullivan on refusing to protect the post offices. Received this e-mail from Dr. Gross’ campaign today:

Here are the facts:

Dan Sullivan didn't stand up to his party when they made massive cuts to the Postal Service just to score political points.

Dr. Al Gross will fight like hell for Alaska's mail delivery. That's why we're putting out a new ad to tell folks that he'll save the USPS that Alaskans depend on every day.

That's where you come in: We need as much grassroots money behind this ad buy in the next 24 hours as possible so we can get this message out there. Can you rush $10 today?

Dan Sullivan said that the mail was “not on the chopping block” — but turned around and did nothing as his party chopped funding for the USPS.

Sero, let the facts be the facts. Dan Sullivan won't keep his word — so now we need Alaskans to know that Dr. Al Gross will be a senator who does.

Rush $10 today to help us keep our ad on the air »

Thanks for your help.


Click here to donate to keep this ad on the air.

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