From The Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Al Gross wins Democratic Senate primary in Alaska.

And The New York Times:

Vox has a great piece out about how competitive the Senate and House race in Alaska have become:


“Sullivan, as Gross points out in one of his ads, is from Ohio originally,” J. Miles Coleman, associate editor at Sabato’s Crystal Ball said. “He spent time in Alaska earlier in his career as a judicial clerk, left the state, then only returned in 2009, to work for the Palin administration. So, fairly or not, Gross — whose father was state attorney general decades ago — is tying to ‘out-Alaska’ Sullivan.”

It’s hard to know the state of the race as Alaska is notoriously difficult to poll. An early July Public Policy Polling survey found Sullivan 5 points ahead, while a more recent Alaska Survey Research poll found Sullivan 13 points ahead.

In order to win, Gross will likely need the support of Alaska Native villagers and independent voters as well as registered Democrats. He may be the underdog of the race, but Alaska is looking more competitive this year.

Gross has been hitting Sullivan on ton of key issues like Trump trying to destroy the Post Office. I received this e-mail from Dr. Gross’ campaign today:

Just when we thought President Trump couldn't go any lower, he admits that he will not properly fund the United States Postal Service so that people are not able to vote by mail.

But Trump's attacks on the USPS go well beyond corrupting our democracy. Postal Service delays will hurt millions of Americans who count on medication, paychecks, veteran's benefits, letters from family serving overseas, and more to be delivered on time.

For rural residents and Alaska Natives, who often lack other connectivity resources like broadband, the USPS is more than a service — it's a lifeline.

Since the pandemic began, I have repeatedly called on Dan Sullivan to stand up to Donald Trump and save the Postal Service — and to date, he's done nothing.

Today, I am calling on Dan Sullivan to finally show some courage — to stand up for once against his party bosses and do what's right for Alaska and our county. Add your name and demand that Dan Sullivan tell Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back from recess and immediately get to work on legislation to protect the United States Postal Service.

During this pandemic, the Postal Service is even more important.

It's the only way some small businesses can reach customers. It's the only way some families can get essentials — like food, medicine, and household supplies. And with the November elections around the corner, voting by mail is the best way to vote safely and securely.

Trump's new postmaster general has already removed postal boxes from local communities and ordered mail centers to turn off sorting machines.

And Trump himself is now on record, admitting that he's trying to sabotage mail voting.

Dan Sullivan has proven that he isn't willing to stand up for Alaska and do his job — but I am. Add your name and call on the Senate to immediately return from recess and get to work on legislation to #SaveTheUSPS.

Thank you,

Dr. Al Gross

Click here to add your name.

Let’s flip Alaska Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Gross, Biden and Galvin’s campaigns:

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