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You can also watch the video of Dr. Gross releasing his economic relief plan for the Coronavirus pandemic here:

By the way, Dr. Gross late last month announced that he wants to tackle another economic issue: pensions.

On Thursday, Gross held a press conference at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 1959 to announce a piece of campaign policy to fix the current pension system. He said it was one of his first focuses because “one in four workers in Alaska are organized labor and a number of the organized labor outfits have pension plans that are at risk. The teamsters, the painters, the IBEW, and these people paid into these pensions throughout their careers expecting to get a pension at the end of the day. Right now some of these pensions are seriously at risk for insolvency,” said Gross.

Gross announced his plan that he says would strengthen the security of pension plans and secure them into the future. “The plan starts with the Butch Louis plan, offering low interest government loans. It expands the authority to PBGC. It stress tests the existing plans, and it charges higher rates on plans that have riskier investments,” said Gross.

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 1959 endorsed Gross because he is making pension reform a main platform of his campaign.

Let’s send the good Doctor to the Senate and take out Moscow Mitch foot solider, U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R. AK). Click here to donate and get involved with Dr. Gross’ campaign.

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