One of the strongest arguments for including a public option to the Affordable Care Act would not only provide millions of Americans health care, it’s also a huge step from having to rely on your employer to provide health care. U.S. Senate candidate, Dr. Al Gross (I. AK), sat down with the Juneau Empire and made the case that the public option would attract new jobs:

“Alaska needs a public health care option to individuals and small businesses,” Gross said. “The high cost of health care in Alaska is keeping small businesses from being successful. A public health care option would encourage other businesses to move to the state.”

Alaska should be trying to attract more internet-based jobs, Gross said, and work toward selling more finished products rather than raw materials for the resources the state does sell, like timber. Lowering health care costs for businesses would allow them to invest in value-added products, Gross argued.

“I have a vision for Alaska’s future, an economic plan, a vision to bring jobs and opportunity,” Gross said. “We need to level the playing field and find way to invite other businesses.”

I always thought this was a great argument to make for the public option because if you’re a true believer in Adam Smith’s definition of capitalism, then you believe in creating true competition and innovation along with taxation and workers rights. Gross is right to make this case to the voters. By the way, Gross is on the airwaves with his first major campaign ad. Received this e-mail this week from Gross’ campaign:

Right now, we are less than four months away from sending Dr. Al Gross to Washington with a prescription for change. But first, we wanted to make sure you knew what (and who) Dr. Al Gross is up against in our campaign to defeat Dan Sullivan.

The choice is clear — but don't take our word for it. Hear it from Al himself in our first TV ad. Check it out and then pitch in to defeat Dan, ditch Mitch, and flip the Senate this November.

Dr. Al Gross:
✔ Lifelong Alaskan
✔ Bought a commercial fishing boat at age 14
✔ Put himself through college and medical school
✔ Renowned orthopedic surgeon serving Alaskans for decades
✔ Killed a grizzly bear in self defense

Dan Sullivan:
✖ From Ohio
✖ Doesn't care about the working people of Alaska
✖ No plan to reduce the cost of prescription drugs
✖ Has stood silently by as Alaskans lose their health care
✖ Can't even stand up to Mitch McConnell

While Dan Sullivan has dedicated his career to following Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell — a whopping 97% of the time — Dr. Al Gross has dedicated his career to helping Alaskan families and communities.

And unlike Dan, Dr. Al Gross is not one to back down — not from a career at age 14, not from a grizzly bear, and certainly not from Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell.

That's why he's the right leader to fight for us in the Senate.

If you're ready to write a prescription for change, check out our first TV spot, and then chip in to keep it on the air and send Dr. Al Gross to the Senate to fight for working families.

Thank you,


Let’s keep this ad on the air. Click here to donate and get involved with Gross’ campaign.

  • July 27, 2020