Received this e-mail today from Dr. Al Gross’ (I. AK) U.S. Senate campaign:

This year's election has the power to be monumental.

We saw the proof last week when Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball added Alaska to the battleground Senate map — and when The Forward said that Dr. Al Gross could be the key to flipping the Senate.

We have the potential to make major progress for Alaska and for America — but we can't defeat Dan Sullivan and ditch Mitch McConnell if we aren't able to vote safely during this pandemic.

Dr. Al Gross has made it a priority to keep Alaskans and Americans safe during the COVID-19 outbreak — and now he's taking it a step further to make sure eligible voters can cast their ballots without jeopardizing their health. He is calling on Congress to implement vote-by-mail as an option across the country.

Securing progress starts with securing the ballot box — because voters should never have to choose between their health and safety or exercising their right to vote. If you agree, sign your name alongside Dr. Al Gross's and demand Congress implement vote-by-mail for all Americans.

The stakes for this year's election were already high without the added pressure of voting in a pandemic. Now, as we anticipate how COVID-19 will be affecting our lives in November, we must make a plan that ensures every eligible American can have a voice in this year's critical elections — and that starts with expanding voting by mail to all 50 states, the 5 major territories, and the District of Columbia.

As a doctor with a master's degree in public health, Dr. Al knows this is a crucial step to keeping people healthy. As a leader, he knows it is essential to keeping our elections free and fair.

No one should have to put their lives in danger just to vote — let's make sure no American is ever faced with that choice. Add your name right now in support of expanding vote-by-mail.

Thank you,

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