AK-Sen: Dr. Al Gross (I) Hits Back Against At Trump's EPA Plan To Fast-Track The Pebble Mine


Received this e-mail today from Dr. Al Gross’ (I. AK) U.S. Senate campaign:

If you've ever eaten sockeye salmon, there's a good chance it came from Bristol Bay, Alaska.

It's the largest and most pristine sockeye salmon fishery in the world. Each year, Bristol Bay generates thousands of jobs and billions in economic activity.

But President Trump's administration just fast-tracked approval of a gold mine that scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency say could cause a “complete loss of” the Bristol Bay wildlife habitat, which would be devastating.

All to reward special interests and a Canadian mining company.

As a commercial fisherman, I know how important Bristol Bay is to Alaska's economy and our way of life. That's why I hope you'll take a moment to watch this video and join the fight to stop the Pebble Mine.

Last year, Congress held a hearing on the Pebble Mine.

Expert after expert testified that there is no way for the mining company to mitigate all the environmental issues — acidic water and toxic chemicals — and have the mine be profitable. It would harm our environment, kill our fish, and destroy our rich native culture in Bristol Bay.

And this all comes after scientists at the EPA planned to object to the mine's construction, but were overruled just one day after Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy met with President Donald Trump on Air Force One.

It's special-interest politics at its worst.

Dan Sullivan has made it clear he won't stop the Pebble Mine. I will.

As your senator, I'll fight for everyday people, not special interests and certainly not a Canadian mining company. But we can't wait for the next election to stop the Pebble Mine, we have to fight it now. Please watch the video and add your name to the petition.

Thank you,

Dr. Al Gross

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