Ain't a Sin to Thank God You're Alive.


Prostate Cancer struck me where I’m blind

Festered deep up my behind

Four good doctors couldn’t tell

Cancer was dragging me down to hell.

For years it grew on my prostate gland

and ate away what makes me a man

By feasting on my testosterone

‘Till I couldn’t pee, or make a Bone.

Walking in the clinic, turn for Section E

Looking for the place they do chemotherapy


Hope it’s gonna save me

I’m dreaming about cancer

Tall and Red

Screaming Stop that Chemo

Or I’ll strike you dead.


Hope it’s gonna save me

Oh please nurse

come here quick

This ole Chemo gonna make me sick.


Hope it’s gonna save me

He leaned forward with the needle

Ah that old familiar stinging, 

As the chemo ran singing,

through my veins.

When I’m rushing on my run

Is the chemo killing Satan’s son?

I think but I just don’t know

from my brain down to my toes.

My belly’s heaving, I got stabbing in my head

I don’t want to die but am I better off dead

If I live till tomorrow, that’s good by me

just to survive chemotherapy.

I forgot about women, I forgot how to feel 

The chemo kills sex till it seems unreal

Will  I ever love again is a mystery

If I ever get off of chemotherapy.

“Well so far he hasn’t barfed on his shoes”

“Then schedule him for Chemo Session #2.”

Chemo’s an elixir of Yew, Apple, and Pear,

with some perrywinkle,

to help me tinkle.

It poisons the cancer,

while I’m a dancer

under the Solstice Moon.

The lusty frogs croak

As I swirl in my cloak.

The Solstice Moon shines though the Redwood,  Oh, enchanted moonbeams, they feel so good.

The witching hour 

and the moonlight shower

gives the Chemo great power

But my hair washes away

when I take a shower.

Finally it’s time for my last Fix.

Chemo session #6.

An emotional crater

Tears burst from my eyes like thunderstorms

I’ll finish this part later.

The prettiest words on this mission?

You’re in remission. 

Lay in the clover.

Chemo’s over.

  • October 17, 2019