After release of torture report, the only thing Ted Cruz condemns is Democrats

After reading a report that included descriptions of horrific acts like “forced rectal feeding,” the only thing Senator Ted Cruz chose to condemn is Democrats. In a statement on his website he blames Democrats releasing the report, and not torture itself, for damaging America's reputation in the world.

“Within 48 hours, President Obama has set Guantanamo Bay detainees free, and Senate Democrats have endangered Americans all over the world by releasing classified tactics, which have since rightly been outlawed, used by the intelligence community in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Democrats’ foreign policy – defined by a series of actions designed to appease our enemies and diminish the capability and morale of our military men and women – is profoundly dangerous.”
“Every civilized nation agrees that torture is wrong. But today’s partisan report will endanger lives, drive away our allies – who have never been more needed than now – and undermine the ability of our intelligence officers and soldiers to protect our national security.”

Torture isn't the problem. Lying about torture isn't the problem. Democrats telling the truth is the only problem worth mentioning, according to Cruz.
Clearly, Cruz is the one turning something profoundly serious into a partisan cheap shot. He's taking the conservative talk radio habit of projection to absurd levels.

What kind of person sees something as serious as what's in this torture report and has no response other than taking a cheap shot at the other party? This is a man with no sense of shame and no moral compass outside of hatred for the other party.