#UglyMelania was a top trend on Twitter, only followed by the ironic #BeBest hashtag for her ugly behavior. Never in our history have we had such a clueless and classless First Lady.   

Once again, Melania, in front of millions, appears to have condoned her husband’s bullying of a 16-year-old with Asperger's syndrome. According to Melania, her husband’s jealous attack was just “communicating differently” and Greta’s concern for her generation doesn’t warrant her being treated with any kind of respect.

Here is that statement, per the White House Press Secretary to CNN’s Kate Bennett.



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I don’t think it could be more ironic if I witnessed Nancy Reagan justify her husband selling drugs after tweeting #JustSayNo. Or someone visiting a child detention facility with a message literally written on a coat saying how much they don’t care.

Greta, of course, is way smarter than both of them and clapped back in the best way possible.

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