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Advice to parents from Mrs. Trump. She got burned on that tweet.

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I had a very positive and upbeat post today but I think I will save it for the weekend.  This one was just , I don’t know, showing how 45’s wife really may have short term memory loss, trying to lecture moral people on how they should parent.    She was reminded of some of her own behaviors.   Read her tweet and then read the replies.   Funny.

I thought most of this but others went there.


The replies are really something else !



— Irishrygirl (@irishrygirl) March 26, 2020


— Theresa Mains, Esq. Cannabis Attorney (@theresamarbles) March 26, 2020


— TheBSstopshere (@sstopshere) March 26, 2020

If you want the real nasty on her account replies, you are gonna have to go there yourselves.  It is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.  Some mothers displaying her naked and touching herself and really really calling her out on hyprocisy.   She maybe, just maybe has one more working brain cell than 45.That would probably be three brain cells between them.


— Spikey Floof (@🏡) (@FloofSpikey) March 26, 2020

Jeff, I know.. He has really good tweets.  Jeff I think is a member here and ran The Smirking Chimp.

Good tweet Jeff.  

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