The US and the world continue with efforts to contain Covid. While the rate of vaccinations in the US has been slowing, the CDC reports that 60.2% of US adults have received at least one dose as of yesterday. About 47.9% of all Americans have taken at least one shot and 84.7% of those over 65 years have taken a jab.

About 1.8 million doses are being administered daily on average. At this rate, we should get to 50% of the total US population taking at least one dose by the end of the month.

As vaccinations have slowed in the US they are quickly picking up in some other parts of the world. Bloomberg reports 1.5 billion vaccinations have happened globally. Canada and Europe are starting to catch up with the US and the UK. China is administering more than 13 million shots daily.

However, large areas of the world have hardly been touched. India, for example, has only vaccinated 10.6% of its population and Russia only 9.5%, and both of those nations have been vaccinating for months. The poorer parts of the world have scarcely started.

Modena and Pfizer Vaccines Are 94% Effective… Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are 94% effective at preventing symptomatic Covid, a single shot of either is 82% effective.

The research, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on Friday, provides yet more evidence that the vaccines are working well even outside controlled clinical trials.

“This report provided the most compelling information to date that Covid-19 vaccines were performing as expected in the real world,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the C.D.C. director, said in a statement on Friday.

Pfizer Seeking Full Approval of Vaccine

Pfizer/BioNTech is seeking nonemergency approval for its Covid vaccine by the Food and Drug Administration. Having full approval would remove one argument vaccine shy Americans use to avoid getting a shot and will make it easier legally for businesses and other organizations to require vaccinations.…

The Supreme Court case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts decided the states may impose “reasonable regulations” such as a vaccine requirement during a pandemic, to protect the “safety of the general public.”

Getting full FDA approval of the vaccine could also make it easier for the US military to require vaccinations for service members, as many younger troops have declined to take the vaccine, The New York Times reported. This is because once it becomes a fully approved vaccine, the military can order the troops to take the shot.

US Vaccinations 1 or more shots by age (Cumulative %)

Age               5/18 

 >74            83.0%

65-74          86.2%

50-64          67.5%

40-49          56.1%

30-39          49.3%

29-18          40.2%

<18               5.3%

The Northeast has been rocking vaccinations with every state above average. New York State is a regional laggard at 64.7%. Mississippi is trailing the whole nation at only 42.6% of people over 18 who have been jabbed. South Dakota is the only state won by Trump in 2020 that is above 60%.

States with the highest % of adults vaccinated at least once

Vermont                  78.6%

Hawaii                     77.1%

Massachusetts       75.9%

New Hampshire     74.8%

Connecticut            72.6%

Maine                      71.7%

New Jersey              70.9%

Rhode Island           69.2%

New Mexico            69.0%

Pennsylvania          68.2%

Maryland                67.3%

California                67.2%

DC                            65.7%

Washington            65.6%

Minnesota              65.1%



Delivered Total Shots 1st Shot  (% of Pop) Fully Vac. (% of Pop)
5/18 Tue 349,210,095 277,290,173 159,174,963 (47.9%) 125,453,423 (37.8%)
5/1 Sat 312,509,575


147,047,012 (44.3%)

104,061,403 (31.6%)



J&J vaccine approved

Moderna  approved

Pfizer/Bio approved

  • May 20, 2021