Administration preparing papers to take over land for Stupid Wall.

First they came for the land.   The next thing you know, you are marching along a Trail of Tears.   If Obama had done this he would have been kicked out so fast.

This is horrible.   

The Trump administration is preparing court filings to begin taking over private land to build its long-promised border wall as early as this week — without confirming how much it will pay landowners first, according to two officials familiar with the process.

Jared Kushner is hosting a meeting with military and administration officials at the White House this Friday, where they are expected to discuss the U.S. government taking over private land to build more sections of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, said two officials.…

The lady in the interview states she has never seen anyone cross her land to get to the US, illegally.   

People had better wake up and find out they are totally owned by Trump.  He is killing the freedoms and constitution of this republic.