Maybe we should just build a giant dome over the country. Would that have prevented this?


Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. He never has, of course, but the reality of it has never been as stark or dangerous as it is now.

His coronavirus press conferences — at least when he takes the podium — have been chaotic, self-aggrandizing lie-fests and open-ended opportunities for him to air irrelevant grievances

He still won’t fully implement the Defense Production Act to ensure that we have enough vital medical supplies so the COVID-19 caseload doesn’t eventually become unmanageable.

And now, once again, he’s telegraphing his true feelings about this pesky, unfair virus that has the temerity to muck up his reelection chances even in the face of his high suzerain’s withering criticism (i.e., it’s all about the stock market):



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Maybe Twitter can come up with a screamier font for the pr*sident. Could the lettering be red? Maybe cartoon flames could shoot off some of the words. Because all-caps clearly isn’t enough to command our attention anymore.

So, anyway, we have borders. But people are allowed to go through them, and for good reason. And closing the border Trump most cares about would have literally made zero difference. 

But, hey, racism, xenophobia, and simple (read: simpleminded) solutions to complex problems are in his wheelhouse. Pretty much nothing else is, so he’s badly flailing now — just when we need strong, steady, unifying leadership the most.

Also, the horse has left the barn, so the time for addlepated recriminations is over. It’s time to focus on the challenges ahead of usAgain, that’s not Donald Trump’s strength. So he goes back to his racist well whenever he’s thirsty for adulation from assorted yahoos and Klansmen. 

Tweeting “THIS IS WHY WE NEED BORDERS!” in the middle of this slow-motion train wreck is not helpful in any conceivable way, shape, or form. It’s worse than fiddling while Rome burns. It’s straight from the Nazi propaganda playbook (can we suspend Godwin’s Law now?). Subhuman vermin brought this Chinese virus to us — and if only we’d bought into Donald Trump’s noble racism, we’d all be safe right now.

It’s an outrageous lie, of course, and we’re better than this.

But, clearly, our pr*sident is worse. Much worse.

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