Adam Schiff: When it comes to shameless lying, Trump and Kevin McCarthy were 'made for each other'

It goes without saying that most congressional Republicans know the Big Lie is just that—an absurd fabrication spun from the gossamer remains of their party’s perpetual pants pyre. Donald Trump was always going to lie about the 2020 election results. It’s what he does. He lied about the election he won, for God’s sake. And he lied about the results of the 2016 Iowa caucus, which he claimed Ted Cruz “stole.” And while it’s hard to imagine Cruz winning any vote that doesn’t determine who on the lifeboat gets eaten first, Donald Trump simply did not win the 2016 Iowa caucus. (Though it might be fun for the party to go back and relitigate the contest just to see what Cruz does.)

And yet dozens of rank-and-file Republicans—horrified by what Trump might do if they tell the truth about the 2020 election—have decided to gaslight their constituents with tales of Donald Trump’s eternal victimhood. I’m sure a few congressional Republicans actually believe this absurd lie—people like Louie Gohmert, whose brain should be donated to the Johns Hopkins Department of Brain Sciences so they can slice it up and use it to even out the legs on their rec room pool table. (After he dies or right now—it makes no difference to Louie.)

  • October 13, 2021