actual governance cannot be like a TV series, even if we might like 'Madame Secretary'

Tea Leoni and Tim Daly close this series as Madam President & First Gentleman. It was ostensibly the alternate universe for a Hillary presidency at its inception, much as a variety of media projects with a Black POTUS preceded PBO. It ends next week.

It will be missed if only because so many of the subplots borrowed liberally from the recent historical chaos without reference to the Trump WH, even if its First Family appeared to have read books. The most pointed reference was when HRC did a cameo. The scripts always maintained an interesting relevance and timeliness, with some resemblance to The West Wing.

The first five seasons of Madam Secretary explores Secretary Elizabeth McCord’s life as the determined United States Secretary of State. McCord drives international diplomacy, battles office politics, and circumvents protocol if needed as she negotiates worldwide issues. The show also focuses on the personal lives of the characters. However, McCord announced at the end of the fifth season that she would run for President of the United States. The sixth-season premiere reveals that she won her race and became the first female POTUS and the remainder of the series would focus on her new role as President.[1][2][3][4]…

In the age of Trump the ratings were never great because perhaps the audience was melancholic due to 45* even as it did have a continuous decline in ratings from 2014, which perhaps would have changed had the 2016 election been different.

There’s no definitive answer from the Madam Secretary showrunners, but we looked into the ratings to see whether CBS killed the show based on performance alone. The Season 5 finale had a .4 rating with 4.79 million viewers. The average rating was a .56 with 5.4 million viewers over the season. These are lower numbers than Season 4 (it averaged a .63 rating with 6.1 million viewers).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ratings aren’t super amazing — the show is CBS’s lowest-rated scripted series. So, that could easily explain why CBS decided to axe the political drama. This could also explain why its last season is only offering 10 episodes (most seasons had 20-23).…

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