Acceptance: America’s Newest Mental Illness

Fox News hosts explode at Black people 'trying to take down the white culture'

The panic over 9/11 that led to the Patriot Act is almost understandable. We had seen thousands of our fellow Americans incinerated, and our military and financial invincibility symbols were toppled. So, limiting a few freedoms for revenge seemed reasonable amid anger and fear (at the time). I am baffled as to why America, the country that has fought wars on domestic and foreign soil for freedom, now views freedom as an option. We are now ready to accept our wives, daughters, and mother’s body autonomy stripped away for one of the very things we rebelled against 246 years ago, religious theocracy.

She is only ten, but when…

Indianapolis obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, was called by a colleague with a dilemma; she was pressed into service and duty. The call was from a doctor who is also an expert in child abuse cases in Ohio. Dr. Bernard was informed that because Ohio’s six-week trigger law had taken effect after the Supreme Court reversed the Roe v. Wade decision, a ten-year-old rape victim would be forced to bring her rapist’s baby to life. The clock started ticking because, in Indiana, where Bernard practices medicine, her state was set to ban abortion too.

The further abuse of this ten-year-old by the so-called right-to-lifers would create lifelong interminable trauma for a living baby beyond the rape. That is one example of our rights being washed away in a rolling tide of what is becoming the Supreme Court’s Christian tsunami. Not only did the SCOTUS decision make a woman’s rights irrelevant, but it also supersedes the religious rights of non-Christians like Jews and Muslims who see abortion as a tenet and right of their beliefs. No longer do I want to hear conservatives preach to me about Critical Race Theory, groomers, or Drag Queen(s) entertaining children by reading books when they are willing to allow our children to become brood mares.

The Court’s decision on Roe garnered all the press and masked the regressive changes to Miranda rights. The June 23 decision by the Court restricts lawsuits against police for using evidence obtained without advising people of their right to remain silent. Roe v. Wade had been a 50-year precedent; Miranda had stood for 60 years. Finally, by allowing a football coach to conduct public prayer, the court opened the door for the return of prayer in school. Can one imagine Mrs. Blue Hair of the PTA standing up for little Hussein’s right to place his prayer rug on the floor and pray to the east?

The current Supreme Court has tossed out the Constitution for the Bible. I am sure there are millions of Christians cheering that development, but what happens when your child is violated, or Johnny Football gets a scholarship to a school where the coach requires a recitation from the Torah before kickoff? If the previous statements and questions seem far-fetched, remember Rep. Lauren Boebert just won her primary for re-election to Congress. Boebert took the same oath to the Constitution as all other government officials. Still, when it comes to the separation of church and state, “The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it,” said Boebert.

Someone should inform Ms. Boebert that not only is she not entitled to her own set of facts, but she is also not entitled to her own Constitution.

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  • July 6, 2022