About Those Punks from Covington Catholic High School.

From the Louisville Courier-Journal:

Covington Catholic High School and the Diocese of Covington apologized to the man in the video, identified as Vietnam veteran and Native American elder Nathan Phillips, and said they will take appropriate action, which could include expulsion.

This is a possibility, but it will not be easy to expel the punks involved in this shocking incident.  The local news is reporting Tweets from other so called catholics that they didn’t see anything wrong in the video.  The students “appear to be enjoying” the music.


So expect a lot of pushback that this will violate those kids “freedom of speech.”  And you can bet their parents will argue this.  In fact, I am counting on this.  Why?  Because I taught in a catholic boys school in KY, and we had similar racial incidents that did not result in expulsions.

The school I taught at was diversifying, which I think is a good thing.  Many of the new students were black and not from the local neighborhoods.  Besides shoving Confederate flags in the black students face and yelling the South will rise again, we had several of the white students use the N word.

Only the worst offenders were ever expelled, and I think it was no more than two students who were expelled.  This is because catholic schools can not really afford to throw too many students out.  As with other private schools, catholic schools have priced themselves where they cater to upper middle class or wealthy parents.  

It cost $13,000 dollars a year to go to the school I taught at.  And we were not the most expensive either.  Not like there are a lot of catholic parents who can afford to throw that kind of money around.  

I predict maybe one or two students will be expelled.  No more than that.  Otherwise, I expect the archdiocese to ride this out.