ABC Has Announced Moderators For Next Democratic Debate.

ABC News on Wednesday unveiled the four moderators who will host the third Democratic presidential primary debate next month in Houston.

The debate will be moderated by ABC chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir, ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, the network announced.

The debate will be held at Texas Southern University on Sept. 12. A second night will be held on Sept. 13, if more than 10 candidates qualify.

I don’t watch ABC, so you all on Daily Kos will have to let me know if the the announced moderators are OK.  I do know Jorge Ramos, so I expect him to have some good questions for the candidates.   Only thing I know about Stephanopoulos of late is that interview he did with Trump.

Will this debate be as awful — from the point of idiotic questions or Republican talking points — as MSNBC or CNN?  Given that both networks decided to have many low moments — think Chuck Todd’s inane “raise your hand” questions and CNN’s attempts to elevate John Delaney, I have set the bar on the ground for the next debate from ABC.

Thankfully, it appears that some of the candidates will not make the debate stage:  DeBlasio, Ryan, Bullock, Bennet, Williamson and future Zell Miller/Joe Lieberman Award Winner John Delaney.  Sadly, unless lightening strikes, Inslee and Gillinbrand will not make this debate.  I think those two have a lot more to offer to the debates than Gabbard.

I’m ambivalent about Steyer.  I agree with Steyer’s progressive positions, but he is a wealthy man who may be able to literally buy his way into the debates.

Anyway, if you all have some input on those moderators, feel fee to make comments.  

  • August 22, 2019