Aaron Hurt, a Conservative Republican, has had it with the GOP. He joined the Republican Voters Against Trump. His interview with us says it all.

Aaron Hurt, a Republican no more

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Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) released new ads in Nebraska’s crucial 2nd Congressional District, featuring testimonials from lifelong conservative residents in the district about why they are voting for Joe Biden. Aaron Hurt is one of those voters, and I wanted to understand why he did it.

Listen to the interview. There is much to understand in it. It confirms much that we talk about in my book; It’s Worth It: How To Talk To Your Right-Wing Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors.

Donald Trump has a cult following that dismisses his evil deeds, including those that hurt his supporters. After all, even as Trump shows scorn, he social-distances from his closely packed, mostly maskless clouds, they are unphased by their potential infection and death.

One hopes that the brave Republicans that were strong and sufficiently clairvoyant to abandon Trump will first help defeat Trump and then rebuild their party. The reality is that America needs at least five viable parties that form coalitions of merged ideas to make a better country. I have hope that our millennials and younger citizens will revitalize the government accordingly.

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