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A warning about Trump's rhetoric about “invasion”

that, when one considers as well his packing of the judiciary from District courts to the Supreme Court, that screams out from the  Constitution.

It is found in Article I, Section 9, Clause 2, and note the word I have bolded:

The privilege of the write of habeas corpus ahll not be suspended, unless when in casses, of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.

We know that Trump inclines towards dictatorship, that is, he wants no restrictions on his exercise of power.

We know that AG Barr is an advocate of unfettered executive power, aka the Unitary Executive.

We know that Brett Kavanaugh is similarly inclined.

Understand that the roots of habeas predate the Magna Carta,  being traceable to the Assize of Clarendon in the reign of Henry II in the 12th Century.  Habeas was formally codified in the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679.  It is absolutely a part of the tradition of rights that Americans inherited and assumed as British subjects before independence.

So here’s my warning — watch out for Trump and his brain on this topic Steven Miller using the idea of an invasion to suspend habeas not only for those they claim are “invading” the US, but those who in any way are assisting them (eg: leaving water in the desert).  And from there??????

Will any Democratic candidate for President point this out?

After all, we have already seen Trump turn ICE into a deportation force. as some warned during the campaign, but others poo-pooed this idea.

Words have consequences.

Trump keeps ratcheting up things, attempting to squeeze the life out of our protections and rights.

Do NOT let Trump use the word “invasion” without pushing back —  HARD!!!