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a Ukraine-gate impeachment still includes the Mueller Report's nascent counterintelligence findings

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The GOP should be careful about wishing for a quick up and down vote on impeachment. The Ukraine chapter is essentially part III of the Mueller report, leaving the GOP with a Pyrrhic victory if they “acquit” Trump in a Senate trial. 

The Democrats, by contrast are looking to optimize resources since the array of Mueller report cases and sentencing can already relate to the current impeachment. Moscow Mitch should also fear the Ukrainian as well as Russian oligarchs who funneled money to him in that context.


Inside the room, Democrats said, Pelosi (D-Calif.) told colleagues that keeping the inquiry narrowly focused on the Ukraine allegations could also help keep the investigation out of the courts, where a slew of investigative matters have been bogged down for months — though she did not rule out ultimately including other episodes in potential articles of impeachment.


There is a sense among senior Democrats that the Ukraine matter is a much clearer argument to make against Trump than, for example, obstruction-of-justice allegations made by former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III or other admissions of wrongdoing.


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