I teach at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville MD, a school founded in 1946 originally to educate people for  the Trinitarian Order, more properly known as The Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives (Latin: Ordo Sanctissimae Trinitatis et captivorum), abbreviated OSST. The order was founded in 1197 on the 17th of December by St. John de Matha (hence the name of the school). From almost the beginning the school has educated layman, having been asked to do so by families in the community.

Our school is very diverse on many levels. The President, Fr. James Day, is a member of the Trinitarians.  Only a little more than half of our students are from Catholic families. The faculty and staff are similarly diverse:  we have people of color, men and women, and religiously diverse. We have Jewish faculty members, and one of my best students is Nation of Islam.

There are six pillars to a De Matha education are Academics, Arts, Athletics, Faith, Community, and Service, with the intent of producing Faith Filled Gentlemen and Scholars.  All students do service, being mindful of the founding of the Order under whose banner they are educated.

Today the entire community received an email sent by Fr. James as the President and Dr. Daniel McMahon as the Principal offering A Statement from the Leadership of DeMatha, which I am posting, with their permission, in its entirety, because I thought it should be more widely seen.