A sobering reminder: the Red States' voters remain jarringly dumb.

During the Obama administration, I really wished that pollsters would break out policy and approval polls by regions so that I could at least factor in (and discount) the reflexive opposition throughout the South and most Red States.  Well, what is good for the goose . . . .

Gallup has now broken out President Trump’s approval ratings by state (map above), and there is a reasonable, similar argument to discount the Blue States when assessing Trump’s position.  Because 7 months into this absurdist, wretched presidency, Gallup finds President Trump has approval ratings that have averaged higher than 50% in 17 states!  In 6 of those states, Trump polls at or near 60%  (W.Va., N.D., S.D., MT, WY, AL).   Plus in 16 additional states, Trump’s average polling numbers range from 40% to 49%.  

Obviously, he gets crushed in the Blue, coastal states and that is what drives his approval numbers into the 30's.  But this is not exactly a national rejection.  

I raise this only to remind ourselves of the depth of the problem we face, and how it is centered in our fellow countrymen and not Trump alone.  As toxic as he is, Trump is still the symptom, not the disease.

On a constructive note, Democratic leaders better remember that they are running against Republicans, not just Trump.  And considering how inept and dangerous Trump is, Democrats better learn how to (deservedly) hang Trump around the neck of the entire Republican party.  On a simple level, remember to always say “Trump and the Republicans . . .  Trump and the Republicans.”   When Trump ultimately craters (and he will), don't let this be spun as a failed personality.  He represents a failed party.  He represents a failure of individual voters.  They are going to continue to avoid responsibility until we pin it to their chests, like a scarlet letter.  

  • July 24, 2017