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A Smidgeon Of Hope In KY? Quinnipiac Poll Pulls Me Out Of Bitterness and Despair About McGrath.

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Those brave few who read my diaries know that I am usually filled with cynicism, anger, and depression when it comes to politics in my home state of Kentucky.  And I was at the lowest point I could be a couple of days ago with the release of a Morning Consult Poll.  But another poll by Quinnipiac University has put me on an even keel for now.  Translation:  McGrath’s race against Moscow MItch may not be as hopeless as I have thought.  MAYBE!

Let’s get the very bad news out of the way first.  Let me say that I have met Joe Sonka the Louisville Courier-Journal reporter, and I have a lot of respect for him.  But this was god awful news:

A new survey by independent polling firm Morning Consult shows Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with a commanding lead in his bid for a seventh term in Kentucky, leading 53% to 36% over his Democratic challenger Amy McGrath.

About 700 likely voters in Kentucky were surveyed online from July 24 to Aug. 2 by Morning Consult, whose results have a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.

I got a bad case of Tourette’s and could only keep saying, “Fuck!” as every other word.  This was the worst polling to date I believe.  And this with Moscow Mitch telling the Kentucky state government to file for bankruptcy, and you unemployed Kentuckians don’t need $600 dollars extra a week in unemployment compensation.  

This from a man who would whip his dick out of his shell and piss all over the state if you could, and Mitch was pulling 53%.  And if you think my reaction was bad, you should have seen my 91 year old Mom’s reaction.  She tells me not to cuss, but she let fly with more than a few choice words about the IQ of Kentuckians.

And you really don’t want to know how bad Biden was getting beaten by Trump in that poll.  SMDH.

Well, Quinnipiac rode in and said, “Not so fast there Moscow MItch!”

A public poll released Thursday showed former Marine Corps Pilot Amy McGrath trailing U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by 5 percentage points, as McConnell navigates difficult negotiations over the next coronavirus relief package.

The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, surveyed 909 registered voters with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points. It found that 49 percent of voters supported McConnell while 44 percent of voters supported McGrath. Another 5 percent of voters were undecided.

The poll shows a much closer race than a Morning Consult poll released Tuesday morning, which found McConnell leading by 17 percentage points. The results of the Quinnipiac poll fall more in line with internal polls released by the McGrath campaign, which the campaign has used to argue the race is still within reach

Lord.  What a swing.  I have to lie down again.

And as for Trump:

Only 46 percent of respondents approved of the job McConnell is doing as U.S. Senator while 49 percent said they approved of President Donald Trump. Trump led Joe Biden by 9 percentage points (50%-41%), which would be a significant slip from 2016, when Trump won by 30 percentage points.

I cannot believe that Trump is not comfortably above 50% in Kentucky.   It is where he has been coasting at for years now.  I still think Trump will win Kentucky, and I have a theory as to why, besides the ignorance and racism that I mention as prime movers for Kentucky voters.

My theory on why both Moscow Mitch and Trump are still riding high in Kentucky is three little words:  Governor Andy Beshear.  Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Beshear has shown strong leadership, and yes, Kentucky is now suffering another surge in cases.  But Beshear has kept the number of cases and deaths lower than several other surrounding states.  And this is reflected in his approval rating of 63%.   Because Beshear has tried to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic, Kentuckians have not had to suffer the worst ravages, at least not yet.

IF we had Bevin still as governor, I would be burying my Mom.  Hell, I have hypertension and am prediabetic with some kidney issues.  I think I would not have even had the chance to bury my Mom because I would be lying beside her.  And I think that other Kentuckians have not had to suffer the pain and agony of thousands of deaths as in NYC, so there is a “cushion” for Kentuckians.  In other words, Kentuckians have not been thrown entirely into the Trump meat grinder.

Anyway, that is my latest theory on how Trump and Moscow Mitch keep staying afloat in KY.

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