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A republican gets this right. Ridge calls SAH Protestors selfish and dishonoring vets.

2 min read……  A very good read.

Tom Ridge: Selfish protests against stay-at-home orders dishonor America’s veterans

Tom Ridge, a combat Vietnam Veteran and member of the Bush Administration and the 1at Homeland Security Secretary let it rip on these Stay at Home protestors.  He called it a dishonor to veterans. It is and I have been saying it for months now.  Glad to see a republican call it out and for what it is.

Apparently these protesters with their weapons and false bravado — many of whom risk spreading the virus further by refusing to wear masks and standing apart from one another — are smarter than the medical experts. They have decided to ignore the public discussions about incrementally turning our economy back on because it doesn’t fit their personal timetables.

In recent days, we have seen images of Americans carrying weapons as part of their protests to immediately reopen society. What are they planning to do, shoot the virus with their AR-15s?

I have been saying for sometime, they think they are real patriots but they would run like scared rabbits if the enemy was shooting back.  The virus is shooting back, we just do  not see it or know it and these nuts are so spoiled they think sitting at home watching TV is like sitting in a foxhole during a monsoon.

And let’s remember those whose service resulted in capture, among them my friend John McCain, who spent 5 1/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton.
That’s 66 months. Our social distancing has not yet reached eight weeks.
My opinion, the National Guard should be called on these so called patriots who are actually selfish brats who would eat the last apple in the basket and let their kid starve because they are a cult and if they keep it up, they are killing people the same as shooting them.   They couldn’t cut a real shooting war or a depression.   Jellyfish backbones and entitled brats are what they are.

Those prisoners of war were not able to take a walk or drive to the grocery store for supplies. Now there may be a few Americans who don’t think our POWs were heroes, but most Americans have a deep appreciation of their service and sacrifice.

This was refreshing to read.   These entitled children need to be arrested as a national security risk.

Ridge is right.  Not many times you will ever hear me say a republican is right about something but he is about this and 100 percent.

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