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A Rachel Maddow public service announcement to Trumpsters sending him money to dispute the election.

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One hopes Trump supporters tune in to Rachel Maddow who exposes how he is knowingly ripping them off of their hard-earned dollars.

Rachel Maddow has a message to Trumpsters

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Donald Trump brought in way over $200 million after he lost the 2020 election under the pretext that the money will overturn the election. They claim fraud even though every judge has thrown our virtually every case. There is no proof of fraud.

The president is leading their followers into the belief that election result-changing fraud has occurred. One should note that when Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick offered millions for anyone who found voter fraud, he was embarrassed by Pennsylvania's Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman finding fraud by Trump Republican voters.

Well, Rachel Maddow has a service announcement that every Trump supporter should watch.

“It turns out he did not spend any of his own money on his re-election campaign this year,” Maddow said. “Why would he when he's got your uncle on the hook. New filings that the Trump campaign is actually bragging about showing that they've brought in over 200 million dollars after the election in mostly small-dollar fundraising, almost exclusively via the ginned up 'Trump didn't lose the election fake voter fraud stuff,' this fake Trump election defense fund that they've used to beg for money from Trump supporters all over the country. There isn't actually a financial entity called 'The Trump Election Defense Fund. They've just used that as a branding mechanism. And when you give money thinking that you're giving it to the 'Trump Election Defense Fund,' some of that money just goes to the Republican Party for whatever they want to use it for. But the bulk of it goes into something that they call a 'Leadership PAC for Donald Trump' and a leadership PAC is definitely the best kind of PAC if you're this kind of president because that money, again more than 200 million dollars raised and counting after the election, that money going into his leadership PAC, that's his money, that's his money.”

One hopes they heed her warning. Donald Trump will continue to milk the cow that keeps producing milk until there is no more to give. Please wake up.

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