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A quick update on me and teaching

with more to come in exactly one week.

I am now one week + away from the end of my public school teaching career (I have to report on Monday June 17 to turn in my ID, keys, computer and have my final meeting with my principal).

I am not leaving teaching.

I am very excited about what will be happening next with me.  Once I actually sign my contract on June 10 I will explain in detail.

Things seems to have worked out as well as I could have expected.

My students, who finish their middle school careers next Thursday, know I am leaving.  It was obvious with how bare my room now is.  I will have less than one box of things still to bring home.

All of my final exams have been given.  I am offering additional work for students who want to raise their grades, but no one is required to do any more work. There will be a field trip on Tuesday to an amusement park for those who want to go, and activities at school for those who don’t.  I am the only 8th grade teacher still doing academics today, Monday, and Wednesday.

I will have more to say once I have signed my contract.

In the meantime, thanks for all who kept me in their thoughts, and who encouraged me to make sure I kept teaching. I will be doing so.


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