A programming update

This will just be a quick hit. I’m serious, no shit.

For those of you who are total gluttons for punishment, and never seem to tire of my stuff-n=nonsense, the wonderful Dr Zoh Hieronimus has asked me to return to her radio program. The show will air from 9-10 EST this Sunday, January 20th on 21st Century Radio, a Baltimore based AM outlet..

The format of the hour is going to be a catch up on events that have transpired since my last visit with her in late June of 2018, It will cover things such as Trump-Russia, Michael Cohen, the 2018 midterms, and the government shutdown fight. Be warned, Dr Zoh has been known to toss a curve ball or two in there, but she has personally assured me that gardening and colonoscopies are definitely off of the agenda.

If you would like to tune in for the show on 21st Century Radio, you can stream it live HERE.