A Note On Current Events

Trump’s defence liars lawyers talked about unity at the beginning of the trial.

Well as we all have seen that is bullshit.

They all ended up channelling Trump.

  • They ranted.
  • Not only that, but they were frivolous with respect to the law.
  • Attacked by means of out of context quotes, on a loop.
  • Gaslighted by misdirection.
  • Lied repeatedly about the evidence.

After that tour de force anyone of sane mind would agree with them about their fear of being disbarred.

Deep into his defense of the former president today, van der Veen broke into a highly personal complaint. More than 140 law professors—including President Ronald Reagan’s solicitor general and a co-founder of the conservative Federalist Society—had signed a letter condemning the Trump team’s arguments as “frivolous.” This letter badly hurt van der Veen’s feelings. The letter, he said, represented, a “direct threat to my law license, my career, and my family’s financial well-being.”

[note I recommend reading the  whole of Frum’s article.]

Bolding mine.

I hope he [they] loses his [their] licence after this shit-show.

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