went up this evening at The Washington Post.  It is on the website titled George Conway: Trump went ballistic at me on Twitter. Here’s why he reacts with such rage.

It begins like this:

Americans died from covid-19 at the rate of about one every 42 seconds during the past month. That ought to keep any president awake at night.
Not Donald Trump.

Conway lays out how Trump, already upset

at a detailed New York Times article that described how he watches television at all hours

began rage tweeting, eventually exploding at the new ad by the Lincoln Project, of which Conway is a principal, title “Mourning in America” that by now everyone here has probably seen.  That set off a further round of rage tweeting, directed specifically at Conway, including the racist labeling of Conway as “Moonface” (a slur at people of Asian background, as is Conway, whose mother was Filipina).

Unfortunately for Trump, Conway is a hell of a writer.

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