What a gal !   Poor old Mother had dementia and her MAGA daughter had a reality show.  This great daughter ( republican conservative, of course) stole her Mama’s Social Security and plead guilty Oct 2 in Palm Beach County.   

This is the same Karyn Turk  who defended Kavanaugh by saying the accusers were too unattractive to be believable, or words to that effect. What a gal !


Instead of using $17,300 in government checks to pay for the care of her mother who was ravaged by dementia, Turk used the money for herself, a federal attorney said.

WEST PALM BEACH – Fresh from hosting a fund-raiser for the legal defense of Republican operative Roger Stone, conservative media commentator Karyn Turk on Friday admitted she stole her 83-year-old mother’s Social Security checks.

Looking relaxed and unperturbed, Karyn Turk pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to a single charge of Social Security fraud. Turk, who was crowned Mrs. Florida 2016 and touts her involvement in charities, faces a maximum one-year jail term and possible $100,000 fine when she is sentenced on Dec. 13.

.   Since when is this a misdemeanor?  I thought Federal Funds and theft of it was a federal crime.  

Because the charge is a misdemeanor, the 47-year-old Highland Beach woman who uses social media and her radio and television shows to defend all things Republican would not lose her ability to vote – a right she described as “very important to me.”

To make bad matters worse but typical has a deadbeat husband in arrears of thousands regarding child support.   

If this is old news I apologize but we can never stop showing examples of conservative grifting behavior with little or no consequences.   

What a gal.   I wonder who the 1st runner up was if judges decided she was the best Mrs. Florida.  Beauty goes so far but ugly evil goes right to the soul.  This is one ugly duck.  

Are they all evil and Trump just opened their gate for their cruelty to shine through?   Tell this story to your conservative evangelical Trump supporters.  What happened to Honor thy Father and Mother?  It actually makes you not wonder why some animals eat their young.

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