A message to my Right-Wing Brothers & Sisters, here’s how Trump is using you with the ‘Election

Trump is playing the dirtiest trick on many who can least afford to be conned. Unfortunately, his Election Fraud game is a ruse.

Don't fall for the election fraud ruse

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A Republican administration runs Georgia's election. It is the administration that purged voter rolls before the 2018 elections that likely cost Stacy Abrams. Investigative reporter Greg Palast appeared on my program Politics Done Right to discuss the voter suppression techniques many times. He's even won in the courts.

Democrats created a strong coalition between Progressives, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans because they understood that Trump had a special hold few understand on a sect of our population. And it was a good thing we were prepared because our brothers and sisters who follow Trump showed up. Fortunate for those of us on the left, there are more of us. Trump has never been able even to get close to a majority.

Look, Trump knows he lost the election. The man is broke. He was never a real businessman as we have proven often. Everything he touches including the government of the United States has all but collapsed.

I urge you not to fund his exit. Unless he makes a deal or sells out the country, he has a lot of pain ahead of him. There will be a lot of evidence to let his supporters see and hear what he thinks about them when all is said. And it isn't nice.

Please do not take just my word but objectively research both valid conservative and progressive sites and newspapers. Consider examining foreign sites as well.

Again, the election was not rigged. The almost non-existent fraud in America is general conducted by Republicans as the one in North Carolina recently. Those who constantly cry election fraud are usually the perpetrators.

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  • November 13, 2020