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a melting-down Trump looks for more excuses to poison the well, or drive off a cliff

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Trump’s hope continues to be that he can somehow negate legal votes and substitute electors in at least three states. Trump’s “investigators” seem to be the same ones who went to Hawai’i to discover it wasn’t PBO’s birthplace.

Loser Trump has not taken any questions since he lost the election two weeks ago. Likely he would throw another fit. Likely he will do something stupid internationally before January.

Shooting for a third loss by filing for a recount in Georgia would only be better if the Trump campaign submitted it in the Tibilisi courts.



— Robert Inlakesh (@falasteen47) November 22, 2020

Israel and the US are planning to increase pressure on Iran with “covert operations” and economic sanctions during US President Donald Trump’s final weeks in office, according to a Friday Israeli TV report. Their assessment is that Tehran will not respond militarily before the end of his term, the report said.

The report, on Channel 13 news, did not elaborate. Among other covert operations against Iran’s rogue nuclear program, Israel and the US were reportedly responsible for infiltrating the Stuxnet computer virus to sabotage parts of Iran’s nuclear enrichment process a decade ago, and for more recent sabotage attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. Israel’s Mossad spy agency spirited out a vast trove of Iranian documentation regarding the regime’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed in 2018. Israel has also been linked in reports to the killings of several Iranian nuclear scientists, and last week the New York Times reported that Israeli agents killed Al-Qaeda’s No. 2 Abu Muhammad al-Masri in Tehran in August at the behest of the US.

On Monday, the New York Times reported US President Donald Trump convened top advisers to ask if he had options to strike Iranian nuclear sites during his last weeks in office, but was dissuaded with warnings it could lead to a wider conflict. Trump convened top officials a day after the UN nuclear watchdog said Iran had stockpiled more than 12 times more enriched uranium than the 2015 nuclear deal allows, the Times reported, citing four current and former US officials.…

““We need to learn to think in second steps, chains of consequences, and side effects.” Excerpt From Incerto 4-Book Bundle: Fooled by Randomness The Black Swan Antifragile The Bed of Procrustes Nassim Nicholas Taleb



— Samuel Adams (@PoppaGiblet) November 22, 2020


— Kat Stafford (@kat__stafford) November 21, 2020


how a man obsessed with being seen as a winner might try to fumigate the stench of being an election loser.

There is also pressure on Trump to monetize his post-presidency in light of his personal debt and legal troubles. He has payments due over the next four years of more than $400 million in loans and could incur substantial legal fees related to a number of investigations and lawsuits.
Trump will “try to remain a political and media force,” said Christopher Ruddy, a longtime friend who has been in touch with the president. “He has all these existing businesses. He’ll have new relationships.”
Whatever platform he decides to use, Trump plans to seek vengeance against those he believes have betrayed him — a group that includes Fox News Channel, which Trump had long praised for the sycophantic coverage on some of its programs but now seeks to punish.


“Unlike Bush, unlike Reagan, unlike any of our former presidents, he will be an ongoing presence,” said Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and senior adviser to the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. “He wants the party to continue to be consumed by him and his madness.”…





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