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A High Five for 2Thanks..In case you haven't noticed.

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Goal thermometer

In case you haven’t noticed…Almost every Front Page Post gets this comment from 2Thanks.

Agreed. Taking back our country from the vlad-compromised virus spreader is of course not a matter of luck, but work.

Dear Readers and Members of Daily Kos:

Please donate to Joe and Kamala via our new ActBlue fundraising page for readers and members of Daily Kos.

When They Go Low, We Go Joe.

We started today at $31,301, now more than 60% toward our goal of $50,000. If you donated already, thank you!

Please use our ActBlue page to donate to their campaign: A grassroots effort for readers and members of Daily Kos. Solidarity. Bragging rights.

  • Uncle Joe and Kamala need volunteers too.
  • Everyone:
    • Please switch your recurring ActBlue donation to our group’s ActBlue page. Already did that? Thanks!
    • Share this diary using the Twitter or FaceBook buttons, or email it to your peeps.
  • Members of Daily Kos, Please:
    • Recommend and tip this diary! This very one! And drop comments and Republish (all of which boost a diary onto the Trending List and keep it there).
    • Follow Fundraisers for Joe and Kamala to bring funding diaries into your Stream (Daily Kos Inbox).
    • Replicate this comment in your own diary or comment, it’s okay. ~2t
  • This is a crowd-sourced, not a top-down Daily Kos fundraiser.
  • Website  |  Volunteer!  |  Phonebank!  |  Text!  |  Swag!


Goal thermometer

I would like to personally thank 2Thanks for this addition for eyes to see.

We need to beat this Orange Man and his enablers and 2Thanks has provided the links to do so.  Don’t overlook this important comment.  It is showing up on our diaries.   You are awesome 2Thanks.

Thank you dear friend for not only posting this on my diaries but everyone who posts.

Thank You on Red Button Enter on Black Computer Keyboard.

Spread this around.   We need to work our behinds off and 2Thanks is doing his part.

We can all make sure donations for Biden/Harris and Voting Blue no matter who gets seen.   We need to really take note and do something similiar in our posts.  Remember, for all that we report, we are fighting for the soul of the country.

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