A.G. Josh Shapiro (D. PA) Takes The Lead In Helping More Democrats Become Attorney Generals

Received this e-mail from Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D. PA) on behalf of the Democratic Attorney Generals Association:

Friends: I know the hard work it takes to win a down-ballot race in a place President Trump carried. I did it in 2016 in Pennsylvania, and now, with reproductive rights, climate change, gun violence prevention, and more on the line, it’s more important than ever to elect Democratic AGs who will keep standing up to Trump’s extremist agenda in 2020.

We’re fighting back when Trump ignores the law — and we’re winning. That means that powerful enemies using dark money will spend millions to defeat us in next year’s AG races in battleground states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association is the only group dedicated to electing Dem AGs, but with the presidential race already taking up attention and resources, grassroots Democrats are overlooking these critical AG races. That’s why DAGA set a $50,000 end-of-year goal to help elect Dem AGs in 2020 – and they’re counting on grassroots Democrats like you to help meet it.

Will you give now – before the end-of-year deadline on 12/31 – to help elect Democratic AG candidates and defend the rule of law?

If Democratic AGs are going to win what we already can tell will be extremely close state-level races in 2020, DAGA needs to hit every single fundraising goal – no matter how ambitious.

But with so many Democratic donors focusing on the top of the ticket, we are falling short of our fundraising goals, and it could spell disaster for next year’s elections.

Democratic AGs are the last line of defense to protect our rights, and we can’t afford to lose a single race in 2020. We’re counting on supporters like you to help meet this $50,000 goal to ensure Democratic AG candidates have the resources to win.

Will you rush $1 or more before the end-of-year deadline to protect our judicial firewall and defend the rule of law?

Click here to donate to the Democratic Attorney Generals Association.

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