Arizona still is a paradigm case in attempts to overthrow governments. Apparently elections are now auctions and any idiot with money and a legislature in their pocket can demand election audits. Lawfare will ensue as democracy and information will become more rather than less opaque.

The politicized “audit” of Maricopa County, Arizona’s 2020 vote is weeks behind schedule, overseen by a conspiracy theorist, fueled by untraceable private donations, and may well produce an inaccurate count.

So why not try again?

The Arizona Republic reported Friday that the GOP-controlled Arizona Senate is close to signing a second recount deal, this time using digital images of the county’s ballots rather than the real paper objects.

The auditor this time, rather than “Cyber Ninjas,” would be the nonprofit Citizens Oversight, which, similarly, had no experience auditing elections prior to Donald Trump’s months-long tantrum over losing his reelection bid.

The group’s founder Ray Lutz told the Republic that the audit would amount to a “grand test” of his technology, which he calls “AuditEngine,” and which purports to be able to re-tabulate ballots cast on other machines.…

Is it possible the point of these audits was to corrupt voting machines?

Randy Pullen said that Scottsdale-based technology company StratTech Solutions took over Monday running the hand count, using Wake’s procedures.

The company has been involved in the audit since the beginning, Pullen said, including helping set up the technology for the hand count procedures. It’s unclear whether the company, which specializes in cybersecurity and other internet technology, has any election or auditing experience.

The switch in contractors is the most significant change yet in the unconventional audit, which has seen numerous changes since it began April 23.

Ryan Macias, former acting director of testing and certification at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission who has observed the audit for the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, said Tuesday that this represents the “continuation of the mismanagement and constant change which we have been observing since the beginning.”…

Reichstag Redux

Because RWNJs are easily led by superficialities and are incapable of vetting journalists whose information can be found easily.

“…next time the globalists will think twice about sending a pretty French honeybot…”

“This was not a good look for a pretty French girl…maybe next time the globalists will think twice about sending a pretty French honeybot (sic)…”

“We need to open up newsrooms more, communicate more about who we are, what we do, how we do it”


he pro-Trump, far-right website The Gateway Pundit eagerly claimed in a Friday morning blog post that they had been the victims of a “honeypot” scheme that somehow was tied to billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and involved a “pretty French” woman — though their claims appear to be unfounded, Salon has learned.
Instead, the post appears to refer to an incident where the publication was asked tough questions by an international reporter about their “new site” pushing disinformation to the masses.…

  • May 28, 2021
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