A follow up on “The Koch brothers vs Donald Trump.”

Earlier this week, I posted an article about the impending danger of His Lowness' kindergarten slap fight with the Koch brothers. It turns out that once again I underestimated the level of Trump's incompetence. Which is understandable, since once you get to a depth that crushes submarines like an empty beer can, the picture gets kind of dark and fuzzy.

They say that nothing in the universe is faster than the speed of light. That may well be true, but I think that the idiocy of one of Trump's alleged “ideas” comes in a close second. I posited in the article that Trump was on the verge of putting his House incumbents in an untenable position, forcing them to either back him publicly in his feud or risk the ire of his base, and lose the Koch brothers ill gotten gains, or risk it and stick with their sugar daddy. That just goes to show how dim I can be when I set my mind to it.

I had blissfully ignored the fact that Foolius Geezer had no need to stoop to the effort of pressuring individual GOP sheeple to do his bidding when he had a whole national party that he could drive over the cliff instead. Instead, he could have one spineless toady speak for the entire Republican party, while he dipped into the bucket for another drummer.

Which he did. A couple of days ago, the chairwoman of the NRC, Ronna “Don't call me Romney!” McDaniel came out and castigated the Koch brothers for “putting business above party.” This seems kind of counter productive to me, since if people like the Kochs, Shelly Adelsen, and Steve Wynn didn't make billions in their businesses, they couldn't contribute millions to the RNC, in which case the GOP would have to fight the Green party for signatures to get on ballots every election cycle.

This landed with the expected THUD! in Kochtopia. The Koch's once again stated that they were monitoring the performance of GOP incumbents they had backed, even expressed regret for having contributed to some GOP slackers in the first place, and worst of all, said they might even support Democrats that shared their views.And the Kochs can do it, their political arm, Americans for Prosperity, has chapters in 40 states, and each can easily monitor incumbent fealty to the Koch's desires. The KOch's have already announced that they won't be bribing Heidi Heitkamp's GOP opponent in North Dakota this year, due to his flopping around like a trout in the bottom of a boat on their pet issues.

This can have a seriously negative impact on the GOP writ large in 2018, and here's why. In my previous article, I reminded y'all that the Koch brothers boycotted the RNC in 2016, not wanting to give Trump the benefit of one thin dime, and invested directly into specific campaigns instead. In parroting Der Gropinfuror, Romney McDaniel just invited the Koch's to do the same thing this time around, and left unchecked it can kill the party in November. This is an unforced error, since Trump is not on the ballot in 2018, so he wouldn't directly benefit from Koch donations to the RNC.

As MC Hammer used to say, “Break it down!” If the Koch brothers donate directly to a campaign, the candidate gets the benefit of the donation. But nobody else does. When the Koch brothers donate directly to the RNC, then the RNC gets to farm that money out to races that they feel are most at risk, and can use the support. Including some Trump leaning candidates that the Koch brothers may not want to support, and even some incumbents that have displeased or failed the Koch brothers in the past. And in an election cycle where the RNC is realistically looking at having to come to the rescue in potentially 300_ competitive House races, where do they go to replace all of that suddenly missing Koch brothers largesse?

The scenario in my original article was bad for the GOP, but this is potentially much worse. The Koch brothers are like the Chinese, they are strategic thinkers in the long game. They can afford to let an unreliable GOP incumbent or candidate go down in 2018, with the prospect of cultivating and funding a more favorable candidate in 2020, Trump is unlikely to get anything done in the next two years anyway. And if that happens, then the RNC loses even more influence in its ability co control its own message even more so than they have under Trumpelthinskin.

And one more thing I would like to bring up. For the last several years, the Republican party has been hamstrung by their complete inability to hold either one of their caucuses, but especially the House caucus together, Why is that? because back in 2010, the fucking Koch brothers funded the astroturf movement that became the Tea Party Caucus, which introduced just enough bomb throwers and political nihilists into the House to grind the GOP agenda to a halt. If they did it once, they can do it again. And if they do, then the Republican party ceased to be a functioning political organism. Watch this space.

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