A DK vet in trouble and this is an emergency. Remember the vet who went and rescued my vet?

This to me may be the second most important diary I have written.  The first one was back in 2012 when my Vet had a PTSD break and was stranded in South Carolina.  Remember?   

This is an emergency fundraising Diary !

The vet from Daily Kos dropped what he was doing and he and  his brother  helped  and  drove my car back down from South Carolina and rescued my husband.  Ya’ll were all trying to figure a way to get my Vet home safely along with rescuing my only vehicle.   Bob did not hesitate to jump in the car and find my Vet alone and afraid during a 4th of July gunshot and fireworks sent my vet reeling.  Daily Kos was reeling for two days trying to figure out things to do.

This veteran is a regular here at Daily Kos and I never forgot that hero and his brother who came to my rescue and you all helped.   He basically saved my vet’s life and you guys helped.  He is the vet in trouble now.

He just sent me an urgent message and is in trouble.  This took great courage as I called him right away after receiving his message.   He is setting up a Go Fund me Account but in the meantime I told him I would intercede on behalf of United Veterans and get him some help, if I could.   Please, please give what you can as we all here on DK’s especially me, owe a lot thanks to him.  This vet was really the beginning of all the meetups that took place.  Navajo decided to start meetups everywhere so this thing would put us in touch with one another.

This vet takes 7 medications a day.  He has heart problems.

He is presently living in a room and only on social security.

His transmission JUST went out on his vehicle and now he is stranded.

This whole incident was the beginning of Navajo’s meetups which now is called CUA and New Day.

He lives about thirty miles from here but I will see personally that he gets that car fixed and I know you guys will come through as you did for me when he stepped up and drove through the night 900 miles away to rescue my vet.   If I have to sell everything in my house, I will see that car is fixed.   My husband just had another heart stent placed and got out of the hospital this month and I too am on a fixed income but we help veterans …Period.  We are OK.  He isn’t.

I asked him to set up a Go fund Me but until I hear back…I am putting out this call for help whereas you can send your help through my organization.   He  said he only  needed 1500.00 but I told him that I just got a tranny fixed  6 months ago and that is just the beginning.  I told him he probably will need about 3500.00 I would say for unexpected things to fix that car and a cushion.  

The transmission went out and he has severe health problems.    

He was crying while speaking to me this morning on the phone.  I said I would never forget and I haven’t.   If I had the money I would personally hand it over but I don’t.  This is a bad bad situation as I talked to him and please help me help this veteran who comments here a lot !  He had to pay a tow bill for the car and was stranded.  The tow bill wiped him out.  I NEED YOU GUYS …I WOULD NOT HAVE MY VET POSSIBLY HAD HE NOT COME TO HIS RESCUE IN 2012.   WE MAY NOT EVEN HAVE MEETUPS ACROSS THE NATION HAD THAT INCIDENT NOT HAPPENED.  Not only that but he is very depressed.  I am doing what I can but I need you folks.


Send to 


United Veterans of America, Inc.  Tax 58-2516283

This is what we do and I have to do this.  Even a little helps.  Let’s help Just Bob.  We may just be saving his life.  I need to go check.   I can’t do it by myself or what little funds are in the org.

Will update a Go Fund me as  soon as I can but in the meantime…..

Donate above.  Hang in there Bob…if you are watching… We are coming…

Thank you.