Trump is just a free-rider doing QAnon retweets, continuing the proof of Trump unhingery, spreading chaos because bad news for him is coming on May Day.

Using the latest FBI notes, Trump may be prepping the ground for a Michael Flynn pardon and is trying to get base attention even though Flynn remains guilty. The weirder part is how Flynn’s family is willing to pimp QAnon in order to exonerate him. Trump does want to definitely get those Q followers on the road to attend the seemingly inevitable campaign rallies.

Trump distractions continue, as more Mueller documents may emerge especially from the Grand Jury.

Michael Flynn’s family members appear to be at war with each other over the QAnon conspiracy theory and whether Flynn himself is playing a role in it.

Flynn, who served briefly as Donald Trump’s national security adviser, became a martyr figure for QAnon believers after taking a plea deal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller for lying about his Russia contacts. Many QAnon fans, who have seized on a series of internet clues posted by the anonymous Q to imagine a world in which Trump is engaged in a secret war against high-ranking Democratic pedophiles, think Flynn is, in fact, secretly working with Mueller to help Trump defeat the deep state. The most ardent of those fans add three “star” emojis to their Twitter handles, a reference to Flynn’s status as a retired three-star general. Some even claim that Flynn himself is “Q.”

“They think he’s an essential part of the story, they think that he actually didn’t do anything wrong,” said Travis View, a researcher who studies the QAnon phenomenon.

Because of Flynn’s role in QAnon lore, believers of the conspiracy theory are desperate for him to confirm that QAnon is real. But Flynn has never discussed the conspiracy theory publicly.…

Flynn’s lawyer says new documents show that Flynn was “set up” by the FBI. In fact, they show no such thing. But they may provide a flimsy excuse for a pardon.

Lawyers for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn claim they have found a smoking gun to clear their client but the newly disclosed documents the’re pointing to amount to nothing more than a stage prop.


So why the outcry from Flynn’s supporters? Because the documents may provide the dummy rounds Donald Trump needs to fire to justify a pardon of his friend and former national security adviser.  

The fact remains that in January 2017, Flynn lied to the FBI about contacts with Russia—a crime he later admitted to in open court. Flynn now wants to withdraw his guilty plea, but his statements to the FBI were false when he made them, and they remain false today.…

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