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A day in the life of the orange one, IMO. I don't think I am wrong.

He golfs most of the time when he is not tweeting or on the phone like a 16 year old.  He loves the cameras and mics.   He loves the sound of his own voice.  He spends a lot of time saying, “Mirror Mirror on the wall”.

Who really believes that he can actually put a thought together as complex as removing mailboxes and slowing down the mail?  Who is actually coming up with these ideas of chaos and he parrots it?   A thought flies through his head and he picks up the phone and tells someone to come up with a fix.  He may not even remember doing it but he does it every single day.  He instructs a delusional idea to someone who can make it happen.

Oh of course the name calling and insults are his, but who is whispering in his ear with absolute insanity and carnage?  I think it is more than Putin.  I think Steven Miller is head whisperer in charge and Fox News TV hosts.  He gets out of bed, grabs a phone and talks to Sean Hannity.  He looks in the mirror and admires what he thinks he sees.  A slim and trim stable genius.  He is convinced by many that like Mohammad Ali, he is the greatest.  He thinks he is the greatest thing since loaf bread.  White loaf bread.

 He has people dress him most of the morning and compliment him.  He orders food and orders people.  He rants and raves when not being smothered in lies and delusions.   He sees his lady preacher who fills his head with more delusion.  He doesn’t read.  He doesn’t really listen except what he wants to hear and he sure as hell does not govern.  When he goes to pee or whatever, he can’t do that right without getting shit or paper on his shoes.  He is really pathetic.   There are people in nursing homes functioning better.  He whines when no one can console him.  He then tweets and phones again.

He has no knowledge of the pandemic except what the whisperers are whispering in his ears.  He repeats it.   He does not have an original thought other than insults and bragging.  He can’t listen to any kind of intelligence.   He can’t comprehend it.  His flunkies are laying down ideas to fuel the base.  He doesn’t think before speaking and goes off script even from his flunkies.   He believes every conspiracy theory he hears and goes back to his TV and mirror.  He doesn’t spend time with his wife because she can’t stand him.  He has no real friends, just handlers.   He is hopped up or doped down on something and maybe he takes a nap or two during the day.  He doesn’t visit family except for Jared and Ivanka and they too are whispering but try to keep him focused for just a minute or two.  When he gives so called briefings, he can’t.  He parrots and then walks away when a real question comes.   He watches more TV and calls more people.  He eats and eats.  He does this front of the tv and is constantly watching it and tweeting what he just heard in response.   He gets on the phone and somewhere in all of this confusion, he decides to shower and someone helps him in or out of the shower and dries him off.  He can’t decide what to wear and swears and curses at anyone who tries to pick out his clothes.  He scream and yells at staff.   It is extremely difficult to work for him because they are laying out what he is supposed to say and do and he puffs up and yells again.  He has to be doped before appearing in public.

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This is how Donald J Trump lives his life.   He probably sleeps on the plane and gives out of breath while walking.   He spends a lot of time having hair and makeup done.

Tell me when does he have time to be just a little bit presidential.  Just a thimble full of chaos?  Yes he is obedient to the fixers but he is an old man throwing all kinds of fits day in and day out making word salad, tweeting and watching TV.

Am I painting a correct picture here?   It is almost like I am watching his every move.   He believes his lies and he believes his chaos.  He lives in a world of proving he still can do something but he really can’t except self absorb and tweet, golf and obsess about his looks and stable brain.  I bet you two to one he can’t remember half the shit he throws against the wall.  He has to be reminded he did and it was a good thing.

This is his life…every single day and we are paying for it.  I would bet the farm on it.

Substitute Ralph Edwards for Donald Trump and this is it.

He walks through the halls looking at past presidents and then gets scared and goes back to his room.  He sees poll numbers and shakes.   He calls one of the Trump worshipers and they convince him, he is fine.  He may yell at them and then he tweets.  He watches TV all day and all night with little intermission.

Who is the Trump whisperer because I believer there is more than one.  Putin is getting his fix with laughter and comic relief while getting his way.

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