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A cultish turn. Women of all political leaning spending tons on surgery to be Ivanka

This is one of the strangest stories I have ever read.   It is one thing to want to look your best.  Key word being YOUR best not someone else’s best.

We are all outrunning the grim reaper and trying to feel youthful and be our best, I thought.   I was wrong.   OUR own best being the key word in the sentence.    All of this plastic surgery changes nothing in reality.  Something is wrong when people undergo so much surgery to change their looks.

  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   Vanity and cult like activity has gone crazy.  Can you imagine having such low self esteem or so taken in by a person’s looks that you want to look just like them and give up your own individual looks?   

I loved the way Mary Tyler Moore looked as I loved Liz Taylor and Marlo Thomas but never did I want to change my looks to look like anyone but me.   I am me.  These women, including some Dem Texas women want to look like Ivanka Trump.  They are spending thousands and thousands to look like a Trump.   Let’s get real here.   Ivanka doesn’t even look like the real Ivanka.  She has had so many plastic surgeries, we don’t know what she really looks like, so these women are copying an image of the moment.  Tomorrow it could change.  Tomorrow with time, it will change.  We have gone from fake news to fake people.

This is not new, really considering how many men have wanted to look like Elvis but this is a whole other thing.   This is someone who is not a singer or has accomplished anything but be born.   She is not a high dollar model, accomplished singer, writer, or anything I can think of but the daughter of privilege and good looks that she enhanced with surgeries and there are many out there who do not look like Ivanka or as good or better looking than Ivanka Trump.  I see beauty many times that is not skin deep.   I can see a person’s eyes or hair or personality and think, hey this person is truly beautiful.   I think beauty is in the heart and soul because these women who are changing their own individuality are very misguided.    These people including Ivanka Trump are going to get old, get wrinkled, and will not always look the way they do today.  EVERYONE.   There are no exceptions.  Gravity wins.  

I remember in the 60’s people having the flip and pill box hats which is totally different than a complete Jackie Kennedy makeover.    A pill box hat, a hairstyle, lipstick color, one can change.   Once the knife is introduced, there you are with someone else’s face and body.  Why?  Why would anyone want to give up their own individuality to look like someone else unless you could undo it and doing it to be in some sort of contest or Vegas show where wigs and costumes can come off?  These women will have to keep undergoing makeovers because Ivanka isn’t going to be the same looking Ivanka she is today in 10 years.  We won’t even talk 20 years.  ( I don’t recognize people I have not seen in twenty years but I still think they are who they are when I see their eyes or remember certain facial characteristics.   I am sure they think the same about me.  

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Doctors are putting more plastic in people than McDonalds is in your bag at the drive inn window or the supermarket when bagging your groceries.

People…Be happy with who you are.  You are You.  My opinion is this.  If you weren’t mangled in some tragic accident and haven’t succumb to losing teeth…then work with what you have and accept the fact you are not going to be young and beautiful in the same way as time goes by.  One has to work on staying true to themselves and being beautiful with themselves.  I see nothing wrong with covering grey hair if grey is not your thing.  I see losing weight within reason a good thing as long as you are not going all obsessive about it. I see teeth repair a good thing.  But this is your hair, your teeth and your body, not a replica of someone else.   I think improving your appearance with your own nose, eyes, ears, is the good thing of self esteem but to clone yourself so to speak to be another person is just out of the realm of good judgement.   Don’t do something to your self that you can’t wash off, take off or reverse.   It’s a fantasy.  It would be a much better world if people spent more time working on the inside and empathy than getting a nose job.

I don’t get it.   I just don’t get it.  I feel like I am in a segment of Children of the Corn.…

For the past year, Taylor, an aspiring socialite who works in the oil and gas business, has been transforming her body and face to look like Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump.

Taylor has already undergone multiple rounds of plastic surgery to look like her beauty idol.

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