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a bored Trump pimps the even more extreme versions of Fox News

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Trump’s usual complaints about Fox News are mainly meant to expand what are now a propaganda ensemble of extremist news channels on cable in the run up to the election.



— Salon (@Salon) April 12, 2020


The even more marginal Trumpists now flock to places like the pseudo-Trump TV channel called 'America's Voice News' – complete with Steve Bannon's War Room and OANN. “OANN, which stands for One America News Network, is a new network challenging Fox News for viewers by offering an even more conservative bent.” You might know OAN from the COVID briefing reporter, Chanel Rion who asks IMPOTUS* the strange questions.


The RWNJs are now pitching Ben Carson as the new WHO head. You’d hardly know about it except the strange Trumpist channels have been proliferating in support of the Trump reelection effort.

You can get your Trump propaganda fix whether it’s the push polling  and Nazi WWII documentaries at NewsMax, or America’s Network News’s Steve Bannon doing his ‘face for radio’ thing about Trump. It’s like you don’t have to watch OANN or Sinclair. AVN replays Trump campaign rallies in case you can’t get them on YouTube.



— NTV News (@NTVNEWS) April 11, 2020


— Newsmax (@newsmax) April 10, 2020


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