President Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton said he is ready to throw himself at the mercy of the Senate Impeachment court, but color me skeptical.  The truth from anyone associated with the Trump administration, even for a short time, strains the fabric of credibility.  Mr. Bolton has teased us for months with his on-again, off-again cryptic hints of opening and showing, once and for all, the self-contradictory gallery of Trump lies for all the world to see.  My fear since the day Donald Trump instructed former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, to lie about the size of his Inaugural crowd was that someday we would need to set aside his history of lies in his private business and his government service for our own safety.

My great-grandmother always told me, “you can tell a man’s heart by the lies he tells. The bigger the lie the smaller the heart.”  Mr. Trump has shattered her definition by adding another category, volume.  The voluminous quantity of Trump lies has landed the Democrats and Republicans in a good versus evil fight for what Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden calls “the fight for the soul of America.”

America’s soul has been wounded

All our idealism, whether it be real or imagined, of fairness and righteousness, even in war and human rights, have been drowned in a sea of narcissistic bluster from a President too small to ask for, or listen to advisers unless it suits a selfish need.  That lands us squarely at center court with John Bolton a neocon, ready to smash an overhand with topspin, who has pushed war with Iran since 2006, when he was Ambassador to the United Nations in the George W. Bush White House. His obsession reached its zenith in 2008 when he called for the bombing of Iran. “This is not provocative or preemptive—this is entirely responsive,” he said. “If we don’t respond, the Iranians will take it as a sign of weakness,”   Bolton called for the bombings in response to training camps the Iranians set up to oppose American troops in Iraq.

Bolton, in fact, was either pushed or leaped from the Trump train because he felt Mr. Trump was making overtures toward Afghan peace talks. Bolton famously aimed his ire at Saddam Hussein in 2003. One could surmise had Mr. Trump wanted to bomb or kill Iranian officials prior to  Impeachment Bolton would have fueled the planes or joy-sticked the drones. So, while Mr. Trump wags the tail of Iran are we to believe that John Bolton, who has amassed a hit list over the years that has included Iran, Cuba and North Korea, will go before the Senate and rat out a man who has now made his most impassioned wet dream come true; the blowing up of an ‘Iranian extremist.’

The reported biggest fear for the clique of former White House advisers and American Generals ( Mattis, Kelly, and McMaster) was that if not for their presence in the cockpit and the plane’s autopilot failed, America would veer off course. Well, the plane is wildly off course and the ex-navigators are hiding in the fuselage with the passengers, being quiet, reticent and silent. Not that I am unsympathetic to the loyalty of military hierarchy to the commander-in-chief, but they also take an oath the defy an unlawful order.  John  Bolton is not the co-pilot I want reporting information to ground control and his likely testimony before Senate will be plotted with a Republican flight course and veiled support for captain Wrong-Way Trump.

Vote in 2020 for Change

  • January 6, 2020