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A black woman's negative encounter with a Sanders supporter after #NN15 #BlackLivesMatter protest

This morning at Eclectablog, I published a Guest Post from my friend Sommer Foster. Foster is an African American woman from Michigan who, like me, was at the #BlackLivesMatter protest during the Netroots Nation presidential candidate townhall meeting. I have written about my transformation during that event from white-privileged, irritated spectator to supportive, encouraging ally in my essay White progressives get a taste of anger & frustration as #BlackLivesMatter activists upstage Bernie Sanders and in my follow-up piece Post-Netroots Nation reflections on the #BlackLivesMatter protest – it’s time to reject “respectability politics”. My wife documented the event with her camera in her photoblog [PHOTOS] #BlackLivesMatter protest at Netroots Nation through the eyes of a photographer.

But Sommer gives a black woman's perspective that Anne and I will, of course, never have.

Her piece is titled GUEST POST: A perspective of the Netroots Nation #BlackLivesMatter protest from a person of color.

In it, she describes her impressions including being cornered by a Sanders supporter in a way that frightened her and made her feel unsafe at a progressive gathering.

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